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Another round for the lady

I have wanted to go to Minnesota for a long time. It’s kind of a weird reason why. It’s because the novelist John Sandford is from there, and has based pretty much all of his books in the heartland of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the like. Sandford is not his real name, but rather the nom de plume of John Camp , an award winning journalist who has been keeping me and millions of others riveted with his fiction for the last 20-plus years. I read my first Sandford novel, the first of his Prey series, in 1999, and I have read everything he’s written since then. I feel like I know his characters as well as he does. I feel like his chief protagonist Lucas Davenport’s family is my family. I am fully invested in Davenport’s ability to thrive as both he and I get older. And I have vivid pictures in my head of the landscape, painted from Sandford’s books. Everything from the mean streets of the Twin Cities to the rural rust belt towns in the southern part of the state. I want to go th

The cookies crumble

Recently I made an impassioned plea to kick Lauren "I'm just a gurl who cain't say no to automatic weapons" Boebert out of Congress before she's there long enough to leave a permanent stink. Today I'm happy to present Chapter Two of a little campaign I like to call: "F---ing really??!?" Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene .  She's a QAnon believer, proponent and contributor. She's a freshman Congressman from an exclusively Republican district in Georgia that was home to Nathan Bedford Forrest . Those who saw the 1994 Academy Award winning movie know Nathan was Forrest Gump's family namesake and founder of the Ku Klux Klan .  That's not the only Gump reference that applies here. You could also say, "Stupid is as stupid does," and it would fit the hopefully brief political career arc of MTG just fine.  Marjorie is an anti-Semite (she must be really happy about Georgia's new US Senator, Jon Ossoff ); a racist (ditto Rev. Raphae

The Academy vs. Billie Holiday

I don't remember the last time I watched the Academy Awards . Which is weird because I truly (madly, deeply!) love movies. You'd think I'd be more invested. But I'm not.  In recent years there's been a lot of hub-bub about a lack of diversity in the nominated films and artists. To which even I, someone who has only begun his journey toward woke-ness very recently, reply: Duh. Of course there is a lack of diversity. There are a hundred reasons why, and I don't care to go through even five of them now, but let's just agree among us girls that there has been really pitiable representation in creative output by, and for, non-white audiences up until now and it's past time we get better. Starting with actually consuming more diverse content, as I suggested in this earlier post .  I try to walk my own walk whenever possible, and so I recently watched The United States vs. Billie Holiday on Hulu   with my family. Holy shit. Well, spoiler alert: this is a hard m

Law and Order: Beltway

In the criminal justice system, gun-crazed, power-hungry members of Congress are considered especially heinous. In Washington, DC, the most notorious of these may be freshman Representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado. This is her story. GUNG-GUNG! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I come before you today to ask your judgment of United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert . Congresswoman Boebert is on trial for her ongoing, unrepentant promotion of violence and lawlessness in our nation’s capital and across the country, which she claims is a crusade for freedoms being systematically removed by elected Democrat legislators and executives, including the President. During this trial I will attempt to prove that Congresswoman Boebert, AKA Lock-and-Load-Laurie , AKA Klannie-Get-Your-Gun , AKA QAnon Barbie , AKA Sarah Palin II: The Revenge , has conducted herself in a manner that should, by law, remove her from her elected post and exclude her from future public office. Whether or not

Some bunny to love

I did not see Space Jam , the bizarre 1996 movie in which Michael Jordan played basketball against Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny . I never had the desire to see it, and I never even considered that a sequel would be in order. But this is America, and so of course - 25 years later - we need a sequel. I have no intention of watching the sequel, either. Ironically, I have met Michael Jordan and he is a very gracious and down-to-earth human being, especially considering he has spent the majority of his life under a microscope. So what am I getting at here? The latest cries for and against cancellation have arisen from leaked imagery showing that one of the characters from the original movie, Lola Bunny (yes, the name of that stripper from the place that time, the one who really, honestly liked you – it wasn’t about the money at all), has been altered in the sequel to not look like a hooker. I realize that sounds harsh but see for yourself:  The sequel’s direc